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About this website

TeamLavie.Net is not designed or operated by Lisa Lavie or her agents. It is distinct from Ms. Lavie's official site

TeamLavie.Net is designed as an historical tribute site, not a fansite as such. Therefore no forums, etc. are planned.
Learn a few things here, then go to Lisa's pages and project your support there!

TeamLavie.Net was designed from scratch (templates are for pansies).
The website is in its infancy. Suggestions are welcome but may not be implemented.
In any event, you agree that communicating ideas does not entitle you to copyright ownership or control of the website.

All artwork used in TeamLavie.Net is either is used with permission of the copyright owner (see Acknowledgements),
qualifies as fair use under U.S. copyright law, or is my original work.

The TeamLavie.Net website itself (including structure, organization, html coding, compilations, and so forth) are
Copyright 2009+ all rights reserved. Yes, I hear you laughing.

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